Tuomisto Manor – Connecting Souls

The roots of Tuomisto manor stem from the 1500s and its unique spirit has been forged over many generations. Located in beautiful Pirkanmaa, the manor is situated in the village of Karkku and stands on a high hill overlooking lake Rautavesi, as well as being a stone’s throw from lake Riippilänjärvi. Tampere is only 40 km away, to which there is easy road and rail connections.

The manor has gone through a transformation in 2016-2017. From being a private residence, the manor has become a retreat centre for the advancement of well-being. It will develop and grow over the coming years, but it can already meet the needs of specialist groups – and the manor’s soul always ensures a peaceful and uplifting experience. The benign spirit of Kalle, the resident ghost, and our zen-master Yoda the cat, also play their role in creating a magical atmosphere.

Should you wish to pay us a visit, come with a group, or otherwise seek more information: